5 Most Affordable Countries for Internships in Europe

If you are a student, looking for the most affordable European countries to have an internship in, this article is just for you.

Eastern Europe is famous for its wonderful, but also very affordable destinations. See the list below to learn more about its culture, living costs, and entertainment that you can enjoy if you choose to be an intern there.  

5. Poland 

Poland is a culturally rich country that provides countless opportunities for outdoor-lovers and awesome nightlife. You should definitely visit the Tatra Mountains for an exciting camping trip or a hike. Or if you want to travel a bit, catch the train to Warsaw or Krakow. 

Budget suggestion and estimates

Local Currency: Polish Zloty

Average food budget per day: 15-20USD

Suggested daily budget: 35-45 USD

Accommodation per night: 14-18USD/person

4. Romania

Romania is one of the most affordable destinations in Eastern Europe. Bucharest, the capital, is famous for its preserved old city, that offers delicious food and entertainment. There you can see the second-largest administrative building in the world – The Palace of the Parliament. You can also visit Sibiu, Brasov, and Timisoara if you are looking for an adventure. You can even visit Transylvania for a traditional Dracula experience.

Budget suggestion and estimates

Local Currency: Romanian Leu

Average food budget per day: 15-20USD

Suggested daily budget: 30-40 USD

Accommodation per night: 10-15USD/person

3. Lithuania

If you ever visit Vilnius, make sure to go to  Vilnil Museum of Illusions. It is full of pieces and rooms that bend reality a bit, and will definitely have you question what you are seeing. If you are interested in some more traditional ways of entertainment you can also go to a club, bar or why not even camping on the Curonian Spit.

Budget suggestion and estimates

Local Currency: Euros

Average food budget per day: 10-15USD

Suggested daily budget: 30-40USD

Accommodation per night: 16-20USD/person

2. Latvia

If you love visiting old well-preserved cities, definitely go to Riga. You will see a lot of oversized churches and cobble-lined paths. The old harbor town of Andrejsala is now one of the top art destinations in Europe, so don’t miss it!

Budget suggestion and estimates

Local Currency: Euros

Average food budget per day: 6-10USD

Suggested daily budget: 25-35USD

Accommodation per night: 10-15USD/person

1. Bulgaria

With its rich culture and unique location, Bulgaria is on the top of our list for the most affordable places to travel and have an internship. You can go to Sofia, its capital and enjoy its awesome nightlife with clubs working every day of the week and lots of shops, bars, and cafes.

You can also go to Vitosha mountain which is only 30 min away from the city center, and enjoy its numerous mountain lodges. Of course, you can’t miss visiting the Seven Rila Lakes and the awesome view from the highest one. Don’t forget to go to Plovdiv, the second biggest city in Bulgaria and this year’s European Capital of Culture. There you can see examples of old Roman architecture and new urban bars and cafes.

Budget suggestion and estimates

Local Currency: Bulgarian Lev

Average food budget per day: 5-10USD

Suggested daily budget: 20-30USD

Accommodation per night:11-15USD/person

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