The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On The World Of Marketing

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  • Feb 15, 2021
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AI has come a long way since it was first conceived. Now, it is already responsible for the work done by a large number of digital marketeers

The scope of Artificial Intelligence Marketing is much larger than its narrow meaning has likely revealed to you. When one speaks of marketing in the realm of AI, they are referring to the ability to access the preferences and actions of a group of consumers in real-time. Whether one is selling a product, or even a brand, the aim is always to better understand who their consumer is, determining the appeal of the product and then tailoring the offer accordingly. This is kind of a bluprint thats followed

This gives a sense of personalization which is important in designing a campaign around a subset of an already large target audience without appearing too general or failing to attract the consumer’s attention all together. Simply stated, it is easier for the provider to say as well as hear what the consumer is saying and what they need.

What are the 3 P's?

  • 1. Predictive Branding

  • Humans might well witness the emergence of predictive marketing, helping digital marketers to make choices that are quicker and easier to make. Predictive marketing is a strategy that decides in a particular situation the right marketing techniques to use. This is achieved by analyzing data analytics by the AI assistant to figure out the campaign campaigns and activities that would be most likely to achieve. Predictive branding comes really handy for the business owners as it reduces a certain amount of uncertanity

  • 2. Personalisation

  • For clients and leads, AI can help you develop ever more customized campaigns and commercials. Significant volumes of personalization are now used in emerging digital marketing strategies. To discriminate between gender, age, preferences, previous browsing history and much more, we already have the resources and technologies. This reduces the gap between the consumers and the marketing as the customers feel more comfortable if the product appeals directly to them

  • 3. Pricing Dynamics

  • Pricing structure means that the price is adjustable and not tightly fixed for a good or service. Instead, depending on varying conditions, the price of a commodity varies, such as:

    • Increment in demand
    • Targeted population and type of consumer
    • Changing and improving environments for marketing

This means that AI can be used both on the provider and buyer side of marketing strategies. Take for example, if an auto manufacturer wants to better understand how to market to potential buyers in an urban area, they could use AI. This will help him get a sense of understanding

Using a vast amount of stored information from recent digital interactions and data-driven predictive analytics, AI is able to identify variables which may have rippling effects on how this consumer thinks and behaves when purchasing or attempting to obtain this product. This means that the consumer needs’ and wants can be determined with a high level of accuracy.

One of the best and most innovative ways to use AI is marketing.

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