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  • 1st October, 2021
White Paper

A white paper is a report or guide that teaches readers on a complicated problem in a simple manner and communicates the issuing body's stance on the subject. It is intended to assist readers in understanding an issue, solving a problem, or making a choice.

What is it?

This sort of paper has become increasingly common in business in recent years. A B2B white paper today is more akin to a marketing presentation, a type of material designed to persuade clients and partners and promote a specific product or position. As a result, B2B white papers are a form of grey literature.

In B2B marketing,

Documents used as marketing or sales tools in business have been referred to as "white papers" or "whitepapers." These white papers are long-form literature intended to promote a certain company's products or services. As a marketing tool, these papers utilize carefully chosen facts and logical arguments to construct a case in favor of the corporation sponsoring the publication.

B2B white papers are frequently used to create sales leads, establish thought leadership, develop a business case, build email lists, audiences, and sales, or to enlighten and convince readers. Prospective clients might be among the readers of a B2B white paper.

Diving in Deep

White papers are regarded a type of content marketing or inbound marketing; that is, sponsored information that is published on the web with or without registration, with the goal of increasing the sponsor's exposure in search engine results and increasing web traffic.

Many B2B white papers claim that one technology, product, ideology, or technique outperforms all others in tackling a given business challenge.

They may also provide research findings, provide a list of questions or advice regarding a certain business issue, or showcase a vendor's product or service.

There are three major categories of commercial white papers:

  • Backgrounder: Describes the technical or business advantages of a vendor's offering, which might be a product, service, or approach. At the bottom of the sales funnel or at the conclusion of the customer experience, this sort of white paper is best utilized to supplement a product launch, make a business case, or support a technical review. Because much of the information is easily available in-house at the sponsor, this is the easiest type to generate.
  • A numbered list presents a collection of suggestions, queries, or comments concerning a certain business topic. This kind is best utilized to attract attention by presenting new or controversial ideas, or to cast aspersions on competitors. This is the quickest form to develop; a numbered list may frequently be generated from a single brainstorming session, and each item can be presented as an independent point, not as part of any step-by-step logical argument.
  • Problem/solution: Suggestions a new, improved answer to a vexing business problem. This kind is best utilized to create leads at the top of the sales funnel or at the beginning of the customer journey, to develop mind share, or to enlighten and convince stakeholders, therefore establishing trust and credibility in the subject. This is the most difficult sort to generate since it necessitates information obtained from third-party sources and utilized as proof points in the construction of a logical argument.

While a numbered list can be paired with either of the other types, a backgrounder and a problem/solution white paper cannot be mixed. While a backgrounder focuses on the specifics of one product or service, a problem/solution focuses on an industry-wide issue. This is analogous to the difference between using a microscope and using a telescope.

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