My Internship at IMG

Здравейте! I am Marco Picone Chiodo and I am from Italy.

In May I got my bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science and I thought that doing an internship in the summer could be an amazing experience, especially if abroad.

For this reason, I applied for an Internship through the website “” and got accepted at International Marketing Group.

Before coming to Sofia, I was very excited, but also a little bit scared; I was going completely alone, in a country where I’ve never been with a different language and even another alphabet!

All these little concerns disappeared when I finally arrived there. Sofia is a nice city, it is really well organized and here in Bulgaria is cheaper than Italy, which personally for me is a big plus. Furthermore, Bulgarians are warm people who enjoy laughing and having a good time with friends.

Speaking about the company, I was surprised to see such amount of young people there: this is the first thing that made me feel like home. Moreover, the environment is very international; Interns from all around the world and Bulgarians who speak very good English.

The firm is young, but it’s growing rapidly! When I arrived, we were in a small office, but after two months we moved to a bigger place and consequently, other people were hired.

Concerning the main purpose of the company, as it’s stated in the name, their main focus is on marketing, but International Marketing Group doesn’t only need marketers. I’ve applied for the web developer position and I can definitely say that I am satisfied with the amount of the things that I’ve learned.

In the beginning, my supervisor gave me some video lectures regarding web development, so I spent my first twenty days learning a lot of stuff which turned out to be very useful for my next tasks.

After this “learning period”, I started working with some websites, for which the company is responsible. Even though I didn’t have a lot of experience, I felt and I was indeed, very helpful and this awareness gave me a lot of motivation!

In conclusion, I can say that I am very satisfied with my internship at International Marketing Group. I learned a lot of practical skills and in addition, I know how a company works and how to behave in such a professional environment.

I recommend IMG to everyone who wants to gain some experience in a very friendly and international place!

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