My internship in Bulgaria

When you are about to finish your bachelor’s degree you have to get your internship done. Why? I think that this is a good way to realize what you want to do after graduation. One day, I was scrolling through trying to find a place that will fit in my education.

I have found an announcement published by International Marketing Group. This company is situated in Sofia, Bulgaria. Before submitting your application, you have to make a proper CV, the english language is an obligation to know and do not forget about the Cover Letter. Why Bulgaria?

Why Bulgaria?

I’ve been to Bulgaria when I was 14 and I really loved the country and wanted to come back to refresh my old memories. I thought that might be a good combination — internship and a vacation. In a week I have received an email that I have to have an interview. The interview was via skype. Do not be nervous, I know it seems hard, but you can make it. In a few days, I have received an email that I got accepted. The company sent me all the documents I needed and worked fast on the whole process of acception.

If you are worried about the accommodation, the company you are going to work for will help you to find it. However, I have decided to find it myself. You can go to this Facebook page and try there. People in Bulgaria are friendly, in my experience, even if they do not know English, are ready to help.

Before starting the internship, I went to Sunny Beach, here you can read my article about it.

On my first day, I was so excited and confused, but people in the company helped me out. You will be working with a supervisor, who helps you with all the things you have to do. My supervisor is very helpful and gives me good pieces of advice to get better with content writing. The more you write — the more you get better.

The first team building I joined was in the park, where our supervisor showed us their traditional snack — Sprats with fries (Цаца и картофи). This is one of the best things you can have in the summertime with a cold beer. We also played with the dogs and it was really funny!

I don’t feel like a stranger here and it’s a big pleasure for me to work with them. My suggestion to you is do not be scared of having a new experience in your life. Go to the website and try to find your dream job. Take the risk or lose the change it’s up to you!

They provide some places for interns from all around the world. If you are interested in content creation, IT stuff and digital marketing, then this is the right place for you!

Before coming here I had doubts and fears, but in the end, it turned out to be one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I met a lot of interesting people, expanded my knowledge. The most important thing that I had this chance to live in such a beautiful country with a contrast of nature: Vitosha mountain, Black Sea, Rose Plantation. Learned about Bulgarian culture which is so different from mine. I wish you all to have this experience!

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